Tammy Huguet

Goal: $1,000

Welcome to my Triple Crown for Heart fundraising page!

On July 16th I will tackle all three North Shore Mountains (Seymour, Grouse and Cypress) by bike in the 11th annual Triple Crown for Heart. The ride benefits the BC Children's Hospital Heart Unit and Children's Heart Network to send kids to Camp Zajac. I would be grateful for your sponsorship and pledge of faith that I can do this!

As a grandma of Evelyn, I ride because it feels like there is so little I can do to make a difference in what Evelyns medical expereinces are. I watch my daughter, Laesa, go through each day with incredicble strength and grace...almost more knowledge than some of the people who she needs to count on for help as she cares for the needs of Evelyn and still gives this very adventerous girl space to be her own person!

Over the years with all the ups and downs, Evenly and her family have experienced amazing care through the Childrens Hospital Heart Care Team. They deserve to know the community is out there to back up all the effort with community support! 


So come ride with me, donate or both!!

xox Grandma Tammy

Recent Donations

  • Elaine - $100.00 - Huge kudos to you for your determination and perseverance! That is an epic ride on a good day let alone in wet, cool conditions - congratulations Tammy!! xo
  • Celia Hill - $50.00 - Congrats on your tough ride today, Tammy! You are both strong and compassionate ❤️
  • Daniel Isaac - $100.00 - Wish I could have been there riding with you Coach for your granddaughter and family!
  • Paul and Kim Sanderson - $100.00 - You got this!!
  • Anonymous - $25.00 - RIDE ON TAMMY! I know you’ll be riding with all of your loving and generous heart.
  • Niki Athwal - $50.00 - ❤️
  • heidi luongo - $25.00 - Go Tammy 🏔🚴💕
  • Wendy Lyall - $100.00 - Have a great ride Tammy💕
  • Elizabeth Howatson - $50.00 - I may dig out my cow bell and cheer you up the hill riding my electric bike!! 😂
  • Anonymous - $50.00