Sanjiv Gandhi

Goal: $500

Welcome to my Triple Crown for Heart fundraising page!

On July 15th I will tackle all three North Shore Mountains (Seymour, Grouse and Cypress) by bike in the 11th annual Triple Crown for Heart. The ride benefits the BC Children's Hospital Heart Unit and Children's Heart Network. As the former Head of Cardiac Surgery at BCCH, I've participated in this ride for years. The funds are managed responsibly and help children and their families.

Donations of $20 or more will receive a charitable donation tax receipt at the end of the year. Thanks for your consideration of support for this most worthy cause!

Recent Donations

  • Anonymous - $100.00 - You have performed two surgeries on our son and we can never truly express how thankful we are for you and the life you have given our child. You will forever be one of our favourite humans! Your care and compassion continues as you ride this race. ♥️
  • Anonymous - $500.00
  • Lynn Coolen - $100.00 - I know you will have a great ride. Sorry I am not there to cheer you on
  • Anonymous - $100.00 - I’m the aunt of the athletic, caring, smart, special 10 year old boy and words can’t describe how grateful I am for people like you in the world. It does not go unnoticed. Thanks for continuing to make children’s’ lives better in so many ways. Thank you!!
  • Amy, Genevieve, Darren and Miles Bahlmann - $250.00 - Thank you! Have an awesome ride!
  • Anonymous - $100.00 - 10 years ago today you repaired our son's arch and vsd and gave us the greatest gift. Having the opportunity to be the parents of a happy, active, athletic, confident, caring, smart, rubix cube solving, 15 basketball shots in a row making, 10 year old!!! Thank you for all your hard work and the lives saved and made better in your medical career and thank you for being brave, speaking out, and working for a better British Columbia. Keep being the change we need.